Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Fullers Xmas present

A pleasant surprise at the Matiatia ticket counter when the attendant told me the January monthly passes are $300 instead of $330. I queried the reason and she said it was a "Christmas present from Fullers".
The price change was not announced in the media, nor mentioned on Fullers' website. So if you bought 10 or 40-rides for the shortened work month instead of the $330 you budgeted for, you're out of luck. A bit more advance publicity so people can plan their fare spending better would be appreciated - or better: a permanent $300 monthly fare.

UPDATE: An irate commuter who, due to financial reasons, cannot afford a monthly pass and relies on worker's weeklies instead, said she had a go at Fullers staff for not discounting other fares. She said the staff stared at her as if they were cows and she was a train. She nicknamed one of the team members "Napoleon".

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