Sunday, October 7, 2012

Auckland Transport plans to make changes to Supergold card

The Herald on the Supergold card drain on the freebie transport budget:
If the cost is what’s worrying NZTA, then from the start, everyone knows the anomaly that is the Waiheke Ferry has been the biggest drain on the concession budget.
The first year’s figures (2008-2009) revealed that $2 million of the national $18 million had gone to Fullers Ferries to carry canny Auckland oldies for a day in the sun and vineyards. Whether cutting the evening peak hour concession would save much is questionable.
The Supergold card subsidy needs abolishing and the saved transport dollars used for making public transport travel more affordable for all. It makes no economic sense to provide a freebie to one sector of society while it makes travel for the rest unaffordable.


Transport in Auckland said...

Agree with you at this matter.Decision should be reviewed.All the sectors of society should equally enjoy it.Transport in Auckland

Mia said...

On the other hand, there's more to the oldies coming over to the island than them spending a day in a sunny vineyard.
This is also an opportunity for island kids to see granny, who might otherwise not have the funds to come over. At the same time, granny coming over may provide exhausted families lacking support on the island with a much-needed break from responsibilities.

I for one is all for keeping the old guys mobile across the gulf!

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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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