Friday, October 12, 2012

A fare price increase notification by txt

Fullers trying to show they are up with the technological times (no, no, not free wi-fi on board, that would be too radical) and texted us their news the Waiheke run fares will go up just in time for the long Labour weekend. Monthly passes by $5 and town return fares by 50c. Not a huge amount but judging from reactions I've had it's been resented by passengers none the less, who are unimpressed by the usual PR spin by the company (fuel prices, blah-blah, labour costs, blah-blah, expensive engine repairs for Superflyte and Quickcat).


Unknown said...

Hardly surprising that passengers don't like the fare increase. Standard Fullers action - send Quickcat off to survey... squash passengers into undersized boats (Starflyte)...and then put up the fares when they should be giving an apology by way of a fare reduction . The next thing will be the continuation of the current crowding due to the big boats being on charter in the runup to Christmas.

Unknown said...

Another 'Fuller's Fiasco' this morning.
The 6:40 was late in loading for no apparent reason however once on board we were told that there was a problem with the starboard engine but that it would be quicker to continue to Auckland under reduced speed than to wait and go on the 7:15 Superflyte sailing. Having cleared the heads the 'problem' became worse and it was now quicker to turn back and transfer to the Superflyte. This done and then an apology for a late departure off we went. Halfway to the Motuihe passage there was some comments on the rear deck and then a burning smell. Apparently there was thick smoke emanating from one of the exhausts! The engines were shut down and the crew reacted as per usual (moving around like headless chooks) An announcement stating that the engineer would go and see what the problem was with the starboard engine. This transpired to be a blown turbo. Now a slow trip to the city with the arrival at 8:30.
We were all given a $5.00 voucher by way of an apology with the passengers on the 6:40 tomorrow morning getting another. It seems that the ticket office on Waiheke can't be trusted with these so couldn't issue these when the passengers changed boats.
Now Fullers has the two largest boats off the run and......It's Labour weekend. Oh by the way there is a fare increase as well.

Anonymous said...
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