Wednesday, January 28, 2009

C4FFF response to the February price changes

From the press release:
This is a victory not only for the Campaign 4 Fair Ferry Fares but the whole community. Many commuters took the time to write to Fullers and their elected representatives. Mike Lee was very vocal in his support for the campaign. Denise Roche and Nikki Kaye also actively helped. FUG contributed by keeping a communication channel with Fullers open.

I am delighted to see these reductions, it gives much needed relief to hard pressed commuters and the island economy. I note that Fullers say that they are rethinking how they set fares in future and this is also very welcome news. I hope this will mean much wider community consultation on fare levels, and a fuel surcharge if appropriate.

Remember that, even with the current reductions, the cost of ferry travel is still pricing lower wage earners off the island and impacting negatively on the local economy. This issue needs to be addressed by a cooperative effort involving ARTA (Auckland Regional Transport Authority), ARC, Fullers and the Waiheke Community. Options include fostering competition, regulated pricing and/or route subsidies. C4FFF is now focused on promoting a constructive and robust debate during the public consultation phase of the Draft Public Transport Management Plan for Waiheke due to commence in May or June this year.

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C4FFF member said...

It's important to realise that, although fares have gone down for the moment, it would only take a spike in oil prices for the community to be at the mercy of Fullers again - we really need a mechanism for setting fare levels that engages the wider community. As a private operator of a public service, Fullers need to be aware of their impact on the community!