Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Superflyte back, passengers hold nose

Yesterday Superflyte came back into service after a two month survey, which was originally planned only to last two weeks. There was obviously more wrong with her than expected, but since she is ageing a bit it's not that surprising.
Anyway, a warm welcome back, and enjoy her while you can because that other old lady in Fullers' fleet (is Quickcat Kashin to Superflyte's Burma, I wonder) is on the slip soon for heaven knows how long and then we can again endure everybody's favourite vessel Jet Raider.

Nothing much new on Superflyte apart from a scrub on the outside and a few new flash TV screens inside. They were not in service so far and some are used to promote bar products.
Everybody was welcomed back by a terrible stench on both floors, the engineers must have hooked up the aircon to the bilge. Even the staff apologised on the tannoy, so it must have been serious!
UPDATE: the sewage to cabin connection now confirmed

Passengers were also warned to be on time to buy their monthly passes since "boats will leave on time because there have been complaints about lateness in arrivals".
Nice to know that somebody in Fullers management reads this blog!

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Terry Creasy said...

Hello: The 10 a.m. today, 1 September, was my first Superflyte ride--it's been on survey since we got to Waiheke. Leaving Matiatia, the starboard engine seemed very rough on departure. It smoothed out during the high speed leg to Devonport. Approaching Devonport, the starboard engine shut down and all passengers went to Auckland--without further incident although slowly. Don't yet know what this means for Superflyte service.

The Devonport folks met at the lower deck cafe and were to be escorted to the next Devonport ferry.