Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoa quake tsunami threat

Fullers has cancelled all sailings from noon today until further notice due to a tsunami threat after the eartquake in Samoa.
Fullers information updates here
It is unclear why Fullers isn't using their txt message system. It's been ages since I last got a travel update via txt.

Matiatia wharf was evacuated twice with all passengers transported up the hill to Oneroa.

UPDATE FROM FULLERS: Text alerts have been sent this morning at 9.58am and 11.53am to passengers who have registered for "off peak" messages.
At this time based on advice received from Auckland Harbour Control, the Auckland Harbourmaster’s Office, and after liason with ARTA, all Fullers services are suspended until the Tsunami warning is officially lifted by these maritime agencies.
1.30pm UPDATE FROM FULLERS: Following advice given by Harbour Control and the Harbourmaster’s Office, we will now resume all services as quickly as possible.
5pm UPDATE FROM FULLERS: Following advice given by Harbour Control and the Harbourmaster’s Office, all services resumed at 1.30pm and have been operating as normal since this time.
No more updates are anticipated.

Communication from Fullers regarding the txt alert service:
To provide clarification, when customers sign up to receive text alerts they join groups which are most relevant to the times they travel. This is so that we do not over deliver irrelevant texts to uninterested parties and at times when travel notices are unwanted.
The groups are set up as follows and a customer can join up to 7 groups:
COMMUTER EARLY: First ferry to 7.30am & 3.01pm to 6.30pm (Mon-Fri only)
COMMUTER: 7am to 9am & 3.01pm to 6.30pm (Mon-Fri only)
EVENING OFF PEAK: 6.31pm to last ferry (Mon-Fri only)
INTER PEAK 9.01am to 3pm (Mon-Fri only)
More information also available here
In the instance of today’s text alerts relating to the tsunami warning and service cancellations, the text messages were sent to the INTER PEAK groups.

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