Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Timetable tweaks

Fullers press release:
- The current 7.20am departure from Matiatia will depart at a new time of 7.15am, Monday to Saturday.
- The current 6.30am service departing Downtown Auckland to Matiatia will depart at a new time of 6.25am, Monday to Saturday.
- The current 5.35pm departure from Matiatia will depart at a new time of 5.40pm, Monday to Friday.
The change to the time of these services is in response to feedback from the Waiheke Ferry User Group, Waiheke customers, and also to reflect a more accurate actual departure time. It is anticipated that with the adjustment of these times, customers will be able to connect more easily to onward transport (i.e. buses and trains) upon arrival into Auckland.
Nothing earth-shatteringly different, and it's good to see timetables being adapted to real earth time rather than hypothetical Fullers time.

Nothing radical is in the works though, such as a half-hour frequency in the evening rush hour by adding a 6pm ex Auckland sailing. They have barely got the boats to the current timetable, let alone one that would really benefit commuters. We'll have to wait for Catamaran International to plug that hole in the schedule.

UPDATE: Not only the early morning ferry timetable is changing, but the bus times are too. So get yourself to the bus stop at least 5 minutes earlier.
I hope the crack communications team at Fullers will get the word out sooner rather than later. (Matiatia counter staff didn't know anything about it and had to consult the bus driver who happened to hang around) Which reminds me that I haven't had any travel updates by txt from Fullers despite the recent spate of boats running late.


Lynette Reed said...

Lets hope that they get new timetables issued and make plenty of announcements. People would not be pleased to arrive at Matiatia at 7.16am for the 7.20am sailing only to find that it departed at 7.15am. No doubt it is largely to accommodate FUG's few members. Wonder how many other commuters really wanted those changes.

C4FFF member said...

I wondered the same - how many people actualy want these changes? I do hope it benefits commuters. It might assist the school children going to Takapunea? The other thing that occurred to me - why not change the departure time of the 800am to 805am - to reflect the true time it invariably sails :-)