Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come on Fullers, where's our pay off?

We all remember that breathless and melodramatic press release by Fullers in August last year announcing that due to the eye popping diesel prices, ferry fares needed to rise from $300 to $344. The diesel price was emphasised in their justification to gouge us.

Now that the diesel prices have collapsed over the last three months to levels ($0.97c/litre) seen in August 2005, December 2005 and February 2007, we could be forgiven for thinking that fares could be restored to those contemporary levels too. What is good for Fullers should be after all be good for those customers that keep laying the golden eggs for Infratil.

So, come on, Fullers, the fares should drop to $260 a month if you had any sense of integrity (and were faithful to your own PR spin)


Lynette Reed said...

Definitely agree. Also just think of all the money Fullers is getting from the Supergold card travellers. They get reinbursed by the govt - NZ Transport authority and Auckland Regional Transport Authority. It is like Fullers are able to print money. What a great bonus for a company. Supergold audit requirements need to be tightened up so that details of the Supergold card holder are recorded on each free ticket.

Don said...

Does anyone know what Fullers charges the govt etc for a Supergold fare. Is it the old superannuitant fare or an adult single?
I wonder what the Infratil return to investors this year will be? http://www.management.co.nz/top200/pdf/Company07.pdf

Hans Versluys said...

Supergold card holders get a free ticket but Fullers charges the Government the full single ticket price. No cheap returns or pensioner discounted fares are available to the Government.

There is also no auditing system in place. Fullers basically can hand out free tickets to whoever it wants, opening the door for corruption and taxpayer rip offs on a vast scale.