Friday, September 21, 2012

How sheep feel on a shipment to Dubai

It's been another Winter of breakdowns, overloaded small vessels and passenger grumbling all round. So far, so groundhog day for Fullers: the annual survey of the boats is usually accompanied by breakdowns in the other parts of the fleet due to over-work. Jet Raider can't handle peak hour traffic due to its restricted loading speeds and the small riverboats can't always make it due to rough seas.
Every year the same old tired story, and the same old tired excuses.


Don said...

On the 17:00 Starflyte crossing to Waiheke on Thursday there was almost no spare seats and hot, airless conditions in the lower cabin. x.A request for a Ventolin asthma inhaler was made by the crew as there was a passenger with breathing problems. The crew did open the front door to allow ventilation but this was closed after a short while when a passenger complained!!!
What is the requirement for ventilation on these boat or do we have to suffocate first to get a response?
A count at Matiatia revealed 268 passengers, this is very close to full loading. Fullers are operating too close to safe limits and should be checked.

Hans Versluys said...

Thank you. You can notify Auckland Transport and the Maritime Safety Authority on any issues of overloading.

Don said...

It appears that that Fullers are running true to form. One ferry on survey another goes off in sympathy. TV3 1800 News Monday. Fullers ferry fire....50 on board....being towed to Auckland. This would be Starflyte. It seems that it didn't like the high loadings either :-)

Hans Versluys said...

From the news reports it was a ferry off the North Shore Bays so that would be a Gulf Harbour vessel, not a Fullers one.

Don said...

Seems that Tv3 is running to form as well;-)

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