Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$10 weekend tickets to Waiheke

Under the guise of helping the Waiheke tourism industry, Fullers is now offering online $10 Winter Weekend" return tickets. Never you mind that you have to return the same day, so a weekend on the island is not actually on offer. Plus it does nothing for the accommodation industry. It's just a ploy to get those hordes onto pricey island and vineyard tours (courtesy of Fullers, of course).

But the galling thing is that these tickets are only on offer to New Zealanders, not Waiheke Islanders who might want to spend some quality time in town. Nope, we still have to fork out $32 return. I guess if somebody has to pay for that "generous deal" Fullers surmises that it might as well be Waihekeans.

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