Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ferry arrival times and gossip

Jet Raider ex-Waiheke Monday 8:40:50; Tuesday 8:39:40; Wednesday 8:38:30; Sunday 1 Aug 8:40:30 (Quickcat II); Monday 3 Aug 8:39:10; Tuesday 4 Aug 8:39:30

Superflyte was supposed to be on survey for "2 weeks". It's now almost 5 weeks later and still no sign of her. I asked one of Fullers staff about it and he said: "Still some time away!"
UPDATE: A notice on Jet Raider said Super Flyte will be back in service on August 24, its survey found malfunctions in its engine and parts had to be sourced in Australia. The planned survey of Quickcat has been postponed due to this.
I would advise Fullers staff to pray Jet Raider doesn't cark it in the meantime. The old lady doing a 2 month run is asking a lot!

And good to hear about plans to start a cheaper rival ferry service to Waiheke. Good luck to them, they'll have our full support, but we'll have to wait to see before it happens.

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Don said...

The rule I apply when Fullers announce a boat off service for a period is to double the time listed (even this is optimistic). I call this a Fullers' Fortnight.