Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free ferry commuting

I never thought I would see those three words together published in a newspaper in my lifetime, but there they were: a shiny advert in the NZ Herald offering Auckland commuters the experience of travelling to and from work by ferry, and for free for a week in September.
If you want to take advantage of this Maxx offer, register here.

But don't bother if you want to commute from Waiheke. Our route is the only one excluded from the offer. You see, we don't need convincing we should use ferries to work, we already do. Some of us have been doing this for 27 years, as was recently impressed on me by the FUG lady.

So, Devonportuguese, Half Moonies, Bayswaterholes, Stanley Bayers, Birkenheadcases and Northcoteries, congratulations with your good fortune. But do think about those who will pick up the tab for your luck: a free week's travel (and massively subsidised runs afterwards) thanks to the Waiheke commuter who is paying over the odds for the whole system to prevent it from collapsing.

Fullers, of course, will pay nothing. It's Maxx (the Auckland region ratepayer) who will.

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