Friday, September 10, 2010

Fullers selective compensation

There was an interesting letter in the Gulf News this week from a student commuter who was unimpressed with Fullers' gushing apologies and compensation for the commuter hardship experienced last month. It offered a $50 discount on monthly passes for September but forgot to mention in its PR spin that all other tickets and season tickets (including tertiary passes) would be full price as per usual.
No explanation was given by Fullers why only adult monthly passes were discounted. But my guess would be that line of action was basically to shut up FUG members. Divide and rule is still the best tactic for monopolists.
A general fare increase is still on the cards for October, thinly disguised as a Government-mandated GST increase, despite a bumper revenue year (what with the millions in Super Gold Card loot) and cheaper diesel.


Anonymous said...

What was the hardship as I was of the understanding that there were some peoples travel disrupted on one occasion but other than that all services were maintained so can anyone explain why we got discounts.

Hans Versluys said...

Fullers has a habit of selectively compensating travellers when its boats break down for a lengthy period of time. Nothing out of the ordinary this year.
"All services were maintained". Perhaps so but at a much lower quality level than we are used to (and pay for). I'd like to see your reaction when you get downgraded from business class to cattle class by an airline without compensation.

Unknown said...

A similar tactic goes back a fair way into Waiheke media history as well. In the days of Beach Radio we never had any response from Fullers when we approached them re: advertising on the station but whenever they had a string of disruptions causing them some bad press/sentiment they almost always came knocking on the door with a few 10-trips to give away on the radio.