Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter breakdowns starting early?

From a passenger:
Yesterday [13 April 2011] the 4pm sailing got as far as the container wharf and then had to turn back as there was some sort of problem. All the 4pm passengers were squashed on the 5pm sailing which must have been overloaded.
I heard this morning from another 5pm passenger that Fullers gave the 4pm passengers $5 vouchers but she did not know what the vouchers covered.

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Unknown said...

I was on that boat - very annoying and no sensible explanation for what happened.

I think most people used their vouchers for alcohol on the overloaded 5pm boat...

Less than 2 weeks earlier I caught the 6.05am to town, only for it to lose an engine after we cleared Matiatia. The sailing took 1hr and 10 minutes, so we actually arrived (clutching our $5 vouchers) after the 6.40...