Monday, September 12, 2011

International ferry fare comparison update

In August 2008 and October 2010 we did research into various ferry fares around the world. So we are now doing an update and comparison over 3 years.
The Waiheke ferry is still up there among the most expensive in the world, not really a change there. What has changed is an increase in the number of integrated ticketing systems available for all transport modes within a geographical region – even in so-called developing countries like Turkey -  something we are still waiting for in Auckland.

Service Aug 2008

Oct 2010 Sep 2011 Ride length Notes
Auckland-Waiheke (NZ) $344 $330 $350
$19 a trip
35mins Valid for Waiheke ferry, bus and selected Auckland bus services
Wellington-Eastbourne* (NZ) $245 $252 $252 20mins
Seattle-Vashon (USA) US$118/$166 US$3.75/$4.90 a trip US$3.75/$4.60 a trip 22mins Orca card prepay
West Seattle-Vashon (USA) US$55/$78 US$53.50/$70.30 US$3/$3.67 a trip 10mins Orca card prepay
Seattle-Kingston (USA)
US$275/$361.50 US$250/$305.85 for 40 rides 50mins Limited service
San Diego-Coronado* (USA) Free Free Free 15mins
New York-Staten Island* (USA) Free Free Free 25mins
Sydney ferries* (AUS) A$1,280/$1,562 to A$2,200/$2,684 a year A$41/$53.70 to A$57/$74.40 a week A$42.20/$53.58 to A$52.80/$67.03 for 10 rides

Boston ferries* (USA) US$198/$279 US$198/$260.30 US$198/$242.23
All mode travel
Alameda-Oakland* (USA) US$170/$240 US$170/$223.50 US$170/$207.98 20mins 40 rides within one month
Hong Kong Star Ferry* (HK) HK$110/$20 HK$125/$21.20 HSK$125/$19.61 9mins
Vancouver Translink (CAN) C$73/$99 to C$136/$184 C$81/$106.60 to C$151/$198.70 C$81/$99.18 to C$151/$184.90
Zone based, all travel modes
Maine Portland (USA) US$87/$123.50 to US$127.50/$181 US$82.45/$108.40 to US$125.15/$164.50 US$82.45/$100.87 to US$125.15/$153.11
Various islands
Isle of Wight (UK) £150.80/$392 £163/$343.70 £171.50/$332.52 22mins
Vlissingen-Breskens* (NL)
€69.50/$130 €69.50/$115.53 20mins
Den Helder-Texel (NL)
€30/$55 €30/$49.87 20mins 15 return tickets on OV- chipcard
Istanbul ferries*

TL1.75/$1.18 a trip
Istanbul card

Notes: All prices are for monthly passes and ferry travel only, unless stated otherwise. The exchange rates are at Aug 2008, Oct 2010 and Sep 2011.
* denotes not an island service, passengers have other (land-based) transport options.


renald said...

A very nice ferry fare research here...
Slight fluctuations make some ferries to be expensive. Still any more updates on geographical ferries.

Hans Versluys said...

Thanks fo r that, but we're more concerned with commuter ferry services and fares than cross-channel ones. Cheers.