Thursday, November 15, 2012

One day

Tuesday morning, the start of the working week for me and I was already dreading the ferry service now that Superflyte is on survey. Surprisingly, at the 8:00am sailing, there were two vessels available, which made disembarking and embarking a breeze. Both got away well on time and - odd this - arrived in Auckland at 8:35am. Congratulations, Fullers! (Never let it be said that we don't give due where warranted)
The large boats never manage to do this and Fullers now routinely say it's a 40 minute trip instead of a 35 minute one to Waiheke. Why is it like this? Because larger boats usually leave late and never catch up with their timetable (if there was such a thing in Fullers' universe).
So, arrived on time, plenty of buses in Auckland available to get me to work and arrived even early.

Wednesday and Thursday I was expecting the same kind of good service as a $4,260-a-year fare befits. But no such luck. The diesel bill for two vessels must have caused palpitations in Fullers HQ and so we got Starflyte only: small gang plank, endless embarkation time, late departure and late arrival. Back to business as usual.

UPDATE: I heard from a reliable source that the person responsible for the sailings management at Fullers got an earful for putting on two boats. So I wasn't far wrong about the palpitations.


Anonymous said...

haha shame you pay over 4 grand a year

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