Friday, November 16, 2007

And while we're at it...

Again this week a major Fullers ferry has been taken out of service for some unknown reason: passengers don't need to know why or how long, we just need to keep stumping up, keep our mouths shut and be grateful there is a ferry service at all, what with Infratil being kept busy with chasing Auckland Airport directorships.

So we now have endure rides on that crowd favourite, the Vomit Comet, sorry, Jet Raider. Not that it would matter much if only they could get rid of the diesel fumes above and the toilet stink below the waterline. But the constant lateness of the damn thing is what riles most passengers.
Fullers has been posting notices around patronizingly warning passengers that their ferry won't wait for them at departure. Unfortunately there is no same guarantee offered it will ever arrive on scheduled time and the Jet Raider is always 15 to 25 minutes late.
In the UK, public transport operators get fined or their licence withdrawn if their services are habitually late. Why can't we have a similar system here? It would certainly them where it hurts and make haste of regular maintenance and upgrades.