Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The vine hopper

Fullers launched a new bus service on Waiheke, the Vineyard Hopper Bus, but the route and frequency are only aimed at tourists who don't want to drink and drive to and from vineyard tasting rooms and restaurants. It's of little use to locals wanting to get around by public transport. This remains still very much a challenge.

An all-day pass on the Vineyard Hopper is $20, while on normal Waiheke buses it's $8. It says nowhere that there is integration between the services and tickets, so I hope Fullers makes it clear beforehand to passengers their $20 pass isn't valid on other buses or drivers should prepare for some irate (nay, even drunk irate) customers. And Supergold Cardies can't use theirs either.

It looks very much all part of a plan to re-position Fullers as a tourism company instead of a public transport provider.