Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October surprise

Fullers Waiheke monthly passes will be $325 for November and December. As the woman in the ticket booth said "a Christmas present". They did this last year too for December, to boost monthlies' sales in a holiday period. The prices rises of other fare products will go ahead as announced.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

If only...

Can we look forward to newspaper ads from Fullers announcing something like this? Of course not, there will be icebergs in the Waitemata sooner than a price war on the Gulf. News report:
Commuters between Auckland and the capital have been given an early Christmas present, a price war in airfares between the two cities. Air New Zealand has undercut Jetstar airfares and slashed tickets between Auckland and Wellington to $7 each way on its late night flights, in the week leading up to Christmas. Chief Executive Officer Rob Fyfe said the carrier was making domestic travel more affordable than ever before and the low fares should be a boost to retailers in each city.
When can we have Virgin Ferries? Jetstar Ferries?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

A fare price increase notification by txt

Fullers trying to show they are up with the technological times (no, no, not free wi-fi on board, that would be too radical) and texted us their news the Waiheke run fares will go up just in time for the long Labour weekend. Monthly passes by $5 and town return fares by 50c. Not a huge amount but judging from reactions I've had it's been resented by passengers none the less, who are unimpressed by the usual PR spin by the company (fuel prices, blah-blah, labour costs, blah-blah, expensive engine repairs for Superflyte and Quickcat).

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Auckland Transport plans to make changes to Supergold card

The Herald on the Supergold card drain on the freebie transport budget:
If the cost is what’s worrying NZTA, then from the start, everyone knows the anomaly that is the Waiheke Ferry has been the biggest drain on the concession budget.
The first year’s figures (2008-2009) revealed that $2 million of the national $18 million had gone to Fullers Ferries to carry canny Auckland oldies for a day in the sun and vineyards. Whether cutting the evening peak hour concession would save much is questionable.
The Supergold card subsidy needs abolishing and the saved transport dollars used for making public transport travel more affordable for all. It makes no economic sense to provide a freebie to one sector of society while it makes travel for the rest unaffordable.