Thursday, January 20, 2011

Totally cool

An animated map of Auckland's public transport network from Chris McDowall on Vimeo.

The Waiheke ferry and bus services are clearly distinct and shows how Waiheke lacks proper public transport as the buses are just a feeder service for the ferry.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ferry cancellations

As expected in last night's atrocious weather, some ferries were cancelled. I got a text from Fullers text service at 10:34pm saying the 10:15 sailing to Waiheke was cancelled. A little late notification, no?
Then at 11:10pm a second text came through saying the 11:45pm would sail at midnight. I trust it did.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Fullers Xmas present

A pleasant surprise at the Matiatia ticket counter when the attendant told me the January monthly passes are $300 instead of $330. I queried the reason and she said it was a "Christmas present from Fullers".
The price change was not announced in the media, nor mentioned on Fullers' website. So if you bought 10 or 40-rides for the shortened work month instead of the $330 you budgeted for, you're out of luck. A bit more advance publicity so people can plan their fare spending better would be appreciated - or better: a permanent $300 monthly fare.

UPDATE: An irate commuter who, due to financial reasons, cannot afford a monthly pass and relies on worker's weeklies instead, said she had a go at Fullers staff for not discounting other fares. She said the staff stared at her as if they were cows and she was a train. She nicknamed one of the team members "Napoleon".