Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When the sheep don't disembark fast enough

Tueday 6:15pm: Starflyte docking at Pier 2B left again before all passengers had disembarked. It caused an almighty ruckus, crashing gang planks and screaming passengers but the skipper went merrily on his way to his dinner break. Which means the boat is out of service too, with an even smaller vessel now having to do the 8:00am ex-Waiheke sailing. Is Fullers' staff pissed off, or just instructed not to give a damn about passengers any more?
Newspaper report here

UPDATE: If you were an eyewitness of this incident, the family involved wants to hear from you: please email or via mail 34 Frank Street, Oneroa.

Friday, September 21, 2012

How sheep feel on a shipment to Dubai

It's been another Winter of breakdowns, overloaded small vessels and passenger grumbling all round. So far, so groundhog day for Fullers: the annual survey of the boats is usually accompanied by breakdowns in the other parts of the fleet due to over-work. Jet Raider can't handle peak hour traffic due to its restricted loading speeds and the small riverboats can't always make it due to rough seas.
Every year the same old tired story, and the same old tired excuses.