Saturday, July 21, 2012

Join the Waiheke Navy!

A piece of excellent news this week was buried in the back pages of the local media: from September a new ferry service between Auckland and Waiheke Island will start up.
Waiheke Navy is run by a tourist company, Around Waiheke Tours.
Initially the members-only service will be quite limited (one return sailing a week on Saturdays, but the website hints at more), cost $10 one-way and less when buying a multi-ride ticket. No supergold card will be accepted.
At first sight, the appeal and market is quite limited (it has to be as they can only accommodate 49 people per sailing) but good for, say, doing your weekly shop in town to beat the high prices at the Waiheke supermarket. For commuters and the elderly, Fullers will remain, for the time being, the only game in town.