Friday, January 18, 2013

Crack of dawn

For the first time ever I had to take the 6:05am sailing from Waiheke. A posse of about 50 people had turned up for that first boat. But 6:05 came and went. At first I thought it was a dastardly ploy to drum up business for the Matiatia coffee shop (tell everyone the boat leaves at 6:05 but routinely depart late), but then we were told that Starflyte had broken down en route to Waiheke and had had to run back to Auckland. So we had to cram on the 6:40am instead, with its usual load of passengers. Thanks Fullers for a missed appointment.
Oh, and Quickcat still offers a sorry sight, all moored up where the Kestrel used to be. Perhaps they could lease it out to the Cloud to handle the overflow of revelling punters. Maybe offer a jazz band of an evening. She ain't going nowhere fast either.