Saturday, October 9, 2010

Waiheke Board elections

The result of the local board elections doesn't bode too well for public transport users, since Waiheke has opted for mainly rightwing candidates - including a Fullers employee.
Thankfully both the Mayor and our new Auckland Councillor, Mike Lee, will be able to, through the Transport CCO, sort out the expensive mess on the Waitemata. But only if our new Proconsul Mark Ford can be made to.


AndrewPickle said...

Waiheke now has a representative on Fullers - is that not what we wanted? I presume he will listen to the concerns of the islanders and make strong representations to the management (he is management eh?) to influence for change.

or am I a little naive?

Hans Versluys said...

It can be looked at it that way, yes, but Mr Hannan has been a Fullers' employee (not sure whether he is considered to be "management") for many years and we haven't heard him raise any issues that concern us here.