Monday, January 26, 2009

February fare changes

The monthly pass for February will cost $315, only a $4 drop on the Dec/Jan pass prices, which in turn only represented a partial $25 fall from its lofty heights of $344. It still means a 5% price increase on 12 months, which is higher than CPI 2008 inflation. Such are the joys of a monopoly operator: the cost plus plus plus mentality.

Single fares will remain at current prices. I never thought Fullers could feasibly drop the single fares as it would cut into the Supergold Card bonanza it is enjoying at the taxpayer's expense.
Meanwhile diesel prices are at 5 year lows. The golden weather continues for Fullers.
We wish Mr Morrison, CEO of Infratil, owners of Fullers, a speedy recovery. You know you can count on your loyal customers to come up with the dosh to pay your health bills.

UPDATE 27 JAN: It's official now: the commuter fares are the only ones dropping by a few dollars. 10 rides are $125, worker's weeklies at $83. The 40-trip is $415, which is the biggest drop from $448.
The Fullers leaflet accompanying the changes states rather ominously:
This reduction is in response to recent fuel price decreases. Fullers is also undertaking a general review of the way its fares are set. We expect this new approach to our fares to better reflect our operating environment, including international fluctuations in the price of fuel and the influence of exchange rates. As a result, fares will be more frequently reviewed and changed.
We shall have to make suggestions and submissions on future fare policies. And thinking outside the box is necessary.


Unknown said...

Just wondering if the Tertiary fares have been dropped for February? As not all students start in march.

Lynette Reed said...

How extremely generous of them. They have been minting money with the Supergold cards plus the normal tourists/visitors; wharf to wharf run; headland sculptures and they have the Cable Bay concert in the vines and the wine festival to increase their cashflow.


C4FFF member said...

Without doubt its been an excellent season for them. I'm astounded by how many tourists there are this year, who are OK with the $32 fare. It would be very useful to get some numbers on the Supergold subsidies. They normally claim that numbers are down on previous years (then we find out they are comparing it to the Americas Cup in 2002 or whenever it was!). The point being, it is commuters that give them their cashflow in the winter..and some profit, presumably!

Lynette Reed said...

Ph 09 367 9113 connects to the cph of the Fullers duty manager of the day.

A volunteer for the Headland sculptures clipped 900 tickets between 9am and 12 noon. Very profitable for the ferry companies.

CAFF member

C4FFF member said...

Great that prices have gone down but as pointed out it has not gone back to the previous ticket price of July 2008.

I also find it incredible that Fullers has absorbed the wharf tax which they stopped paying in July and they are still said to be negotiating new conditions of use with the Council. How long can that possibly take?

I would like to see the price of fuel and how it affects ticket prices clearly marked on the ticket. This would allow ticket prices to increase when fuel is more expensive and decrease when it is cheaper.

Mike Leigh's comment on the Half Moon Bay run was interesting. That Fullers are in fact running the service for a lesser subsidy than was offered before the route was put out to tender.

I strongly feel that the ticket prices are still too high and I welcome the fact that C4FFF will continue to campaign to see that fares are fairer. Well done everyone.