Monday, June 1, 2009

Waiheke island public transport survey

The Campaign 4 Fair Ferry Fares has launched a public survey to gauge usage and opinion of the various public transport modes and infrastructure available to them.
The survey is anonymous and open to anyone who uses Fullers, Waiheke Bus Company and the wharves.

Please feel free to take the survey via this link.


Anna said...

Cathy - The survey says How orten do you buy a ticket TO Waiheke island - Well, I never buy a ticket TO Waiheke I live here.....

" How often do you take the Fullers passenger ferry to Waiheke Island? "

Please change it so we can give it justice!

Anna x

C4FFF member said...

Our apologies for this inaccuracy! Unfortunately, we can't change it once it is up..! So please forgive us..and please promote the survey to as many people as possible. Doug Hudson's comments in the Marketplace have led me to believe that another rise (and cuts in timetables) is not that far away..

Hans Versluys said...

I ahve edited the wording of that question slightly. It shouldn't make much difference to the results.

Anna said...

But if people take it as it's written, it will won't it...?!? Because I never get the ferry to Waiheke, only to Auckland....?

Samuel said...

Forgive a post from a non-ferry traveller!

Just discovered this blog the other day, via linkage from Auckland Trains which was in turn from Josh Arbury's Auckland Transport blog.

Keep up the campaigning, and also the great stories of ferry horrors (and triumphs, if they ever happen) - makes for fantastic reading!