Monday, December 7, 2009

Bill's suggestion taken on board

Some of us, as noted before, are commuters on the weekend too. Fullers prefers to be a tourist service on the weekend so timetabling is much altered to suit weekenders, holiday and merry makers, and commuters are very much an afterthought when it comes to taking them to town in time.
Now a few weeks ago the 8am weekend sailings from Waiheke have started to call in at Devonport. Heaven (again) knows why since barely anyone got off or on at those stopovers, but results in major delays in getting into Auckland. Since the bus services on the weekend are depleted as well, the connections are even more challenging to get to work on time.
One of my fellow commuters suggested to the captain to make an announcement on board instead asking passengers who want to go to Devonport to make this know to the crew, otherwise they just chug on to Auckland. After some correspondence with Fullers management this has now been taken as policy. Cheers, Bill.

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